Velocity is a youth group for high schoolers that runs on Friday nights as a part of Glenmore Park Anglican Church.

Velocity isn’t just a place for Christians. Velocity is a place for anyone who likes having heaps of fun and is interested to hear about Jesus and what he claims about himself and why he is still absolutely relevant to high schoolers in the 21st century.

So whether you’ve never been to church, used to go to church, once saw a church on TV, or always go to church, Velocity is a place for you.

We meet from 7pm till 9pm every Friday of term.

Entry is only $3 which helps us pay for the activities we’ll do. We do different stuff each week, but the aim is for you to always leave having had a good time.

The basic idea is we hang out and have fun, spend some time with people our own age, and hear a talk from the Bible about Jesus.

We sell cans of soft drink and chocolates and chupa chups if that’s your thing, so you can bring a bit of extra coinage if you want.

But besides that you don’t need to bring anything with you when you come and you don’t need to dress in any particular way either. Just come as you are.

See you Friday!

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Church Office:
 4733 1635

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