A Warm Welcome: When you come to visit we will greet you warmly. Please take a welcome pack that contains up to date information on current church resources, programs and events. We encourage you to stay after church and get to know us over a cup of tea or coffee.

An Informal Church: When you visit you will notice that our gatherings are informal. We like to dress modestly but casually. We do not read from a prayer book, nor do our ministers wear robes or collars.

Groups for All Ages: We have lots of groups designed for all ages. During our main church meetings the children and youth are taught in their own age specific groups.

We Hear from the Bible: We take the Bible and what it says to us seriously. Every week we read from it and then have it explained to us by skilled teachers.

We Sing: We sing several songs during each meeting. These songs either recount what God has done or speak of a response to what he has done. As singing in public is no longer a part of our culture you might feel a little uncomfortable singing in church. If that is the case you might like to take the opportunity to listen to what is being sung.

We Pray: Part of our response to God is that we offer prayers to God. We spend some time in each meeting thanking God for what he has done, confessing where we have gone wrong and asking for his will to be done.

We Remember Jesus' Death: Jesus' death and resurrection stands as the centre of all that defines us as Christians. From time to time we partake in a ceremony known as the Lord's Supper. This is physical reminder to us of what the death of Jesus on the cross means. When the Lord's Supper is passed your way you may partake if you like, or, if you'd rather not, that's okay too.

We Contribute: We take up a weekly collection for the work of the church here, but, we do not expect our visitors to contribute! After all, you are visiting. You should not contribute to our work until such time as you feel you can do so in good conscience.